How To Make Your Commercial Roof Walkable

Even if you have a flat roof, you will not necessarily be able to walk on it. A flat roof needs to be modified by a commercial roofing company so that it will then be possible to walk on it. Usually, when you are able to walk on a commercial roof this is because there is one layer of roof and a second layer of material that you are able to walk on without damaging the underlying structure of the roof. However, there is also a way to have a single walkable layer.

Single Ply

To install a single walkable layer, the commercial roofing contractor will use a single ply. When a roofing contractor installs a single ply, your roof will be easier to maintain and the roof will be easier to walk on because it will be textured and will provide you with better traction. Because the roof is watertight, you won't have to worry about moisture damaging the roof underneath unless a hole forms.

Walkway Pads

You may need to install walkway pads for your commercial roof to protect the membrane below from when you are walking on your roof. Not only will walkway pads allow you to walk on the surface, but you will also be able to protect your roof if tools are dropped onto the walkway pad.

Rubber Paving Tiles

Rubber paving tiles are another material that you could have installed on your roof so that it will be walkable. The most premium rubber paving tiles are chosen by some building owners because they are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Roofs You Cannot Walk On

There are certain types of roofs that you cannot walk on. For example, it is not practical to walk on a flat commercial roof made out of standing-seam metal panels. Also, a glass-reinforced plastic fiberglass flat roof will wear out faster if it is treated as a walkable surface. For this reason, it's important to consult with a commercial roofing contractor before trying to make your roof walkable.

The Benefits of Having a Walkable Roof

Being able to walk on a commercial roof is very useful because you are able to use the commercial roof, and it will be much easier to perform maintenance. For example, you will be able to service an HVAC system on your roof. Speak with a commercial roofing company about the options for making your roof walkable.