Restoration Process For A Residential Roof

Time to return your old residential roof to like-new condition? If your home's roof has lost its initial shine and beauty but hasn't shown signs it's on its last legs, then it might be a good candidate for a restoration.

Less expensive than a roof replacement, a roof restoration can breathe new life into your old roof. Read along to know the steps involved in residential roof restoration.

Pre-Start Roof Inspection

Before any work can be done on your residential roof, the roof should be thoroughly inspected to identify obvious signs of damage. This way, your roofer will know what areas of the roof require repairs.

Roof Cleaning

One of the reasons why older roofs look unsightly is that they build up dirt and debris over time. During roof restoration, your roof will be cleaned with a pressure washer. The gentle pressure of the water will remove any foreign substances that have accumulated on your roof's surface, leaving the roof looking clean and tidy.

Roof cleaning also helps reveal damage that the built-up dirt and debris might hide, as well as ensure proper adhesion of the protective coatings applied to roof surfaces at the end of the restoration process.

Roof Repairs

Once your roof has dried properly, your roofer will begin doing repairs on your roof. Every identified roofing problem is further investigated so that effective repair work can be carried out. For instance, any broken roofing tiles or shingles will need to be removed and replaced to keep the entire roof watertight. 

Roof Treatment/Sealing

Depending on the type of roofing material you have, your roofer may apply paint or other types of coating chemicals to the surface of your roof. The surface coating is designed to protect the substrate material from the elements while restoring its initial shine and beauty.

Post-Job Roof Inspection

This involves undertaking a visual inspection of your roof to ensure that all repairs have been done correctly and that the roof restoration can last for many years to come. Any problems that might not have been addressed effectively during the roof repairs stage will need to be looked at again and remedied properly.

A quality roof restoration will not only extend the life of your existing roof but also boost the curb appeal and resale value of your home. To determine if your home can benefit from a roof restoration job, contact a local roofing contractor.