Reasons To Choose Metal Panel Residential Roofing When Your Home Has A Steep Roof

If the roof on your home has a steep slope, you may prefer roofing material that will need fewer repairs. It may not be possible to climb up a steep roof yourself to replace a missing shingle. Repairs might cost more if you need to hire a roofer every time there's a problem on your roof. Instead of putting asphalt shingles on, consider getting metal roofing panels. Here's why this type of residential roofing is ideal for roofs that have steep slopes.

Some Panels Are Made for Steep Roofs

Your roofer can take measurements of your roof to determine the slope. This helps them choose the right metal panels to install. Metal roofing is tested to make sure it meets standards for being watertight and wind resistant, and the roofer wants to make sure the panels chosen have passed tests for steep-sloped roofs. You may even find you have more options in the type of metal roofing for steep slopes than you would if your home had a low slope.

Metal Roofing Panels Need Fewer Repairs

Unlike individual shingles that can get blown off in a storm, metal roofing is installed in long panels, so the risk of roof damage is lower. That doesn't mean the panels never need to be inspected or never get damaged. A metal roof might need to be repaired occasionally, but since it is more durable than asphalt shingles, repairs should be needed less often. This is an advantage when the roof is difficult and dangerous to climb on.

Snow Removal Is Easy

Metal roofing has a slick surface, so snow slides off it when the roofing has a slope. When the slope is steep, there is an even greater tendency for the snow to slide off. This is good because it reduces weight on your roof, but it might also be dangerous to people or animals standing near your home.

Snow can be controlled as it slides off your roof by having the roofer install snow guards. Snow guards stop snow and only let a little at a time fall off the roof. This ensures snow removal continues, but at a controlled and safe pace.

Metal Roof Panels Have A Long Life

Another good reason to invest in metal residential roofing is that it has a long life. Putting a new roof on your home may be more expensive when you have a steep slope since the work is dangerous, slow going, and the crew has to work carefully with safety equipment. When you put on a new metal roof, the roof could last for decades so you don't have to worry about replacing the roof again for a long time.

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