Is It Time To Get A New Roof? The Signs To Watch Out For

A roof is a long-term investment, and you do not need to replace it frequently because with proper maintenance it can last a long time. Nevertheless, it will come a time when maintenance is no longer helpful, and you will need to get a new rooftop. But, how can you tell that it's time for roof replacement? Here are the subtle signs to watch out for.

You've Had the Same Roof for Over Two Decades

Roofs are naturally durable and long-lasting. But with time, they wear down due to exposure to harsh weather elements. Some materials like natural slate can last up to a century when offered great care and attention. However, most materials start losing their efficiency after the second decade. Therefore, you should hire a roof replacement expert to give an objective and professional opinion of the roof's condition when it gets to the twenty-year mark and above

Worn Out Shingles and Leakage

Roof shingles are usually solid, durable, and robust. However, they may crack, curl, or break when worn out. In such a situation, you need to replace them. Additionally, damaged roof material makes your home prone to water leakage. A leaking roof is quite irritating, and you don't want to live in a wet house or suffer the consequences of water damage. So if the leaks are spread across the entire roof surface, it is time for a replacement. Additionally, it is more sensible to replace the entire roof if most of the shingles are damaged. 

Your Neighbors Have Embarked on the Project

It is not uncommon for homes in a given locality to have the same status and age. Therefore, if you see your neighbors replacing their roofs, it most likely means that yours is due for replacement too. Embarking on a roof replacement project at such a time enables you to stay at par with the area's home valuation requirements. Furthermore, it ensures that your hone isn't the odd one out in the neighborhood. If your roof looks older than the nearby homes, it will be valued less in the real estate market, and you could lose on great deals when selling it.

These factors indicate that getting a new roof is essential. However, it's advisable to invest in professional guidance on the kind of roof to invest in. A roofing contractor will advise you on a suitable option that matches your budget, style, house size, and taste.