Replacement Roofing Services That You Need When You Want A Brand New Roof

If you need a new asphalt roof, you might wonder what will be replaced. While the shingles are the most obvious part, there are other parts involved in a roof system. Your roofer does an inspection of your roof and then determines what parts of the system need to be replaced when you get a new roof. Here are some replacement roofing services you might need.

Repairing The Wood Structure

An asphalt roofing system is made of a wood deck that's supported by rafters underneath it, underlayment, and asphalt shingles. The structure of the deck and rafters has to be solid and free of water damage. This might require making repairs to wood that is rotting due to moisture problems or a roof leak. The roofer might have to replace part of the plywood deck or even add support to a rafter.

Adding New Underlayment

When the deck of the roof is ready, new underlayment is put on. Underlayment is important since it's a waterproof sheet that helps keep the deck dry. Your roofer might use underlayment that has a peel-and-stick backing so it's easy to apply. The underlayment has to cover the entire deck to ensure protection against leaks.

Replacing Asphalt Shingles

One of the most familiar replacement roofing services is putting on new shingles. These go on top of the underlayment, and they stick to the roof with roofing nails and adhesive. The shingles layer over each other to completely cover the roof deck. The roofer also staggers rows of shingles so no continuous seam is created which prevents leakage from rain.

Applying the shingles goes fairly quickly since the roofing crew uses nail guns. However, they work carefully to ensure the nails are seated properly and that the adhesive sticks. As the adhesive warms up in the sun, the bond gets stronger as time goes by.

Finishing Up

The roofer will also need to replace metal flashing around the chimney and plumbing vents. Then they'll need to clean up the roof and do a final inspection of their work. Your city codes office may also come out to make a final inspection of your roof replacement. One of the last chores the roofing crew has to do is clean up around the exterior of your home to ensure there are no shingles or nails in your landscaping plants or grass.

A replacement roof is a little more work than just putting a new layer of shingles on the roof, but replacing everything ensures your new roof starts life with a good chance of lasting for many years since there will be no hidden water damage on the deck or rafters.

For more information, contact a replacement roofing service business near you.