4 Steps To Filing Damaged Roof Insurance Claims

Your roof is one of your house's structures that is susceptible to damage. This damage affects your roofing material. Harsh weather conditions or mechanical wear and tear cause the damage. Other damage causes include falling branches, electrical fires, and damage by pests.

The bright side is that homeowners insurance can cover your roof damage. However, most insurance companies may not issue or renew your roof insurance policy for a worn-out roof. Thus, you will have to file for the damaged roof insurance claim if you are in such a situation. Find the steps below.

1. Find a Roofing Contractor for a Roof Inspection

Immediately after you notice your roof damage, you should find a roofing contractor. Consider the certification and experience of the roofing contractors before selecting one. After the selection process, let the contractor conduct a roof inspection.

A professional roof inspection is essential before you contact a home insurance company. The contractor will document the extent of the damage. This procedure will increase the chances of a successful claim.

2. Find Out the Deductibles and Make Temporary Fixes

Insurance deductibles are costs you will have to incur from your pockets for some home roofing repairs before the insurance covers the rest. Insurance companies charge different amounts based on the cause of roof damage.

Get a copy of the policy or contact customer service to clarify the deductibles. Also, you must undertake these deductible repairs before the insurance company handles the rest. The temporary fixes prevent further roof damage.

3. File the Claim

After proper paper documentation, you can now file a damaged roof insurance claim. Proper and clear documentation may lead to a positive outcome. All you have to do at this stage is submit the papers to your insurance company. The roofing insurance company will then kick start the process of honoring your claim.

4. Schedule a Visit With an Adjuster

Even with clear documentation, the insurance company will still confirm the damages. You must prepare yourself for a visit by the adjuster from your insurance company. The role of the insurance adjuster is to verify the filed claims.

You can also call your roofing contractor to help you handle some issues the adjuster might object to. Ensure you record the adjuster's credentials, date, and time of visit for reference.


These are the key steps for filing damaged roof insurance claims. After you play your part and the adjuster confirms everything, the insurance company will approve the roofing repairs. However, you will need an advocate to maximize the benefits of your damaged roof insurance claims.

Contact a roofing contractor if you have additional questions about roofing repair.