Can You Restore Your Metal Roofing System?

If your metal roof leaks, you may decide to replace it in the near future. But instead of replacing the roof on your building, restore it. You can repair your roof with a metal roofing restoration system. Learn more about metal roofing systems and how you can restore yours below.

Why Did Your Metal Roof Leak?

The last thing you may expect to find are leaks in your metal roof. However, metal roofs can leak just like any other roofing structure. Metal corrodes or breaks down over time, especially if it's exposed to moisture or heavy rain throughout the year. 

Water leaks can occur almost anywhere on your metal roof, including around your building's rooftop cooling system and skylights. Water may run off the structures and pool on the surfaces of your roof. If the water doesn't evaporate right away, it can cause corrosion to set in.

Age can also cause metal roofs to leak. The tin or aluminum panels covering your roof may be too old to withstand water, moisture, or heat. Eventually, the panels break down and leak.

You can replace your metal roof to stop the leaks, or you can simply repair it.

How Do You Restore Your Metal Roof?

The best way to restore your metal roof is to have a roofer do it for you. A roofer can determine the best type of restoration methods to use for your particular roof. The methods may include:

  • coating your roof with spray sealant to seal out moisture
  • patching the leaks in your roof to prevent further damage in your roof
  • restoring parts of your roof with new metal panels

A roofer may do all of the things above to restore your roof back to a safe state. After they restore your metal roof, a contractor may suggest you look into other ways to keep it free of leaks.

For instance, you may wish to have a roofer inspect your roof every few years or so for anything that may damage it, including ponding water and bird droppings. Although bird droppings can damage any type of roofing system, they can be very corrosive to metal roofs. If you have a roofer clean your roof regularly, it may keep the structure safe from corrosive animal droppings.

If you need assistance with your metal roof or need help restoring the structure, consult a roofing contractor or professional today for services from a company like Bunkum Valley Roofing LLC..