3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule A Roof Inspection After A Storm

When a severe storm calms down, some sections of your roof will likely suffer significant damage. Still, you may overlook roofing issues like leaks if you don't see any visible roof damage. However, this doesn't mean that you should ignore the need for a professional roof inspection. Your roof most likely has minor problems that you should address quickly or they can impact your roof's structural integrity. Here's a detailed overview of why an inspection by an experienced roofing contractor is crucial after a storm.

Inspections Can Help When Filing Your Insurance Claim

If your roof has suffered significant damage after a storm, you'll need to prove that your damage is related to inclement weather. Without inspection from a professional roofing contractor, you'll hardly receive compensation for your repairs or replacement. The inspection report from a roofing expert details the extent of damage and even includes photographic evidence that can help to strengthen your claim.

They Can Check For Minor Issues That May Go Unnoticed

Post-storm problems like missing shingles are easy to catch. However, if you look around your roof and don't notice any damage, it doesn't mean that you've survived the storm. Some storm damages aren't easy to identify through visual inspection. Your roofing contractor will need to climb on your roof and then assess its condition. Some shingles may be out of alignment or there might be slight damage to the flashing on your chimney. All these concerns can lead to major water damage the next time you experience a storm.

You'll Receive A Free Estimate On The Extent Of Damage To Your Roof

Whether or not you can see damage through visual inspection, an experienced professional should thoroughly assess your roof. Small openings that can lead to moisture penetration aren't visible. A knowledgeable roofing contractor can help you identify all the post-storm damages on your roof. Based on their analysis, they can provide you with a free estimate on how much your repair or replacement job will cost. If you have homeowner's insurance, an assessment like this can help you understand how much compensation you can receive from your insurance company.

Your roof can appear intact after a severe storm. While you may assume that it has already weathered such inclement weather, a roof inspection by a professional contractor is essential. This will help you catch minor problems before they cause significant damage. It also ensures that you receive fair compensation for the damages to your roof.

For more information on roof inspections, contact a roofing contractor in your area.