Did Your Area Just Experience Strong Winds? Secrets To Help Spot Roof Damage

As your roof provides security and protection from the elements, it may get damaged. A good example of these elements is strong winds which can leave you counting losses. If you do not check your roof after such an experience, you may fail to catch some issues in good time. Look for the following signs of damage in the event of strong winds and call for roof repair services. 

Debris Fallen Everywhere

Strong winds may blow tree branches in all directions. The weaker branches may detach from trees and get thrown all over your yard, with some ending up on your roof. Strong winds could also fling other objects onto your roof. These items can leave damage on your roof that must be repaired right away. Therefore, if you find any form of debris around your residence after strong winds, then it is wise to get your roof checked for damage.

Keep an Eye on the Fascia and Soffits

The fascia and soffits protect your siding from water damage. Unfortunately, they are also vulnerable to damage by strong winds. These components could rot and become stained underneath. Please pay attention to the vents while inspecting, as they could be blocked. Damaged fascia and soffit also leave space for pests to enter, which is hazardous to the shingles. Therefore, it is essential to have these areas inspected and fixed in case of strong winds.

The Gutters Are Filled With Granules

Cleaning the gutters is an ongoing process. It prevents the gutters from filling up and becoming inefficient. Additionally, it would be best to do it whenever strong winds hit your area because the gutters tend to fill up faster. If you find any damage or weakened areas, contact a roofing company as your roof's gutters might be in urgent need of repairs.

Staining of Walls and Ceiling

Stained walls and ceilings are unsightly and should be dealt with right away. A possible cause for this is strong winds which destroy the roof leaving it exposed to water damage. Once the water seeps through your roof and gets into your home, paint starts peeling, and mold forms. Additionally, you may find puddles of water inside the basement. Contact a roof repair company as soon as you see this sign.

All the above are signs of damage caused by strong winds. You should engage roof repair services because you do not want to compromise your roof's integrity. Call for inspections following severe storms.

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