Had A Lot Of Storm Damage To Your Asphalt Roof? Problems This Can Cause And Tips On Getting It Repaired

If you have a bad storm at your home, this can cause damage to your asphalt roof. Below is information about what damage the roof may have after a storm, as well as information on how residential roofing services can help take care of the problem.

Problems with Shingles

Storms often result in high winds, which can damage shingles. The most common damage is for the shingles to become loose, or they may completely blow off the roof. If there are areas where there are no shingles, you may have leaks the next time it rains. To have repairs done on this, hire a roofing contractor immediately.

If there are loose shingles, the contractor can simply use roofing nails to tighten them back down, and if any shingles are missing, the roofing contractor can replace them. However, it may be time for a new roof if you had a big storm with a lot of hail and a large part of your roof was damaged. This is especially true if your roof is old.

Water Leaks

Besides missing shingles resulting in leaks, there are many other types of damage that can cause leaks on the roof. For example, debris may have fallen on your roof. This could happen if you have a tree planted close to the roof and branches fell. Very large hail can cause problems with the roof, too. All these things will cause gaps in the roof and water will then get through these gaps into your attic. If not taken care of, the water could get through the attic and into your home.

Contact a roofing contractor and they can patch up any holes that were created. This may be done by adding shingles to the areas or using a type of patch material if the holes are very small. Even if you have a very small drip you need to get it repaired immediately. 

Problems with Gutters

Another thing a bad storm can cause is damage to gutters. If the storm was very windy the gutters may have blown off in areas. Gutters are attached to the roof so this can also damage your roof. 

The roofing contractor can inspect the gutter system for you. They will also inspect the drain pipe at the end of the gutters to ensure it is not damaged. You may need to install a new gutter system if there is a lot of damage. 

The roofing contractor can tell you of other damage a bad storm can cause your roof.