Roofing: 5 Reasons Your Roofing Contractor Should Have a Visualizer

How can you be sure your roof will come out as you imagine? In the past, a roofer would give you a sample showing a replica of the roof, as discussed. However, today you can benefit from computer simulation. A visualizer is computer software that enables changes to the design on the fly. You can experiment with different elements of the roof. The roofing contractor can change load-bearing structures such as trusses or rafters or do superficial changes to things like shingle color. What advantages do you get from working with a contractor with a  roof design visualizer?

1. More Innovative Designs 

Roofing contractors with visualizers can help you create a design unlike any other out there. The visualizer gives you the freedom to experiment with different materials and colors. In addition, you are not limited to what the contractor has in stock.    

The visualizer gives you access to a library of designs so that you can pick and choose from many different styles. You can improve on a template from the library for quicker design. You can also ask the roofer to make a design from scratch.

2. Quicker Design Changes     

If you wanted to change something about your physical sample design, it would take time to change the model. However, today, with computer technology, changes are made quicker and more efficiently. 

A computer simulation software can make instant changes. The contractor can then use the visualizer to show you how the changes will look. It cuts the design process from weeks to several hours or days at most.

3. Fewer Costly Design Mistakes    

In the past, a mistake during the design process could cost thousands of dollars. With computer technology, it is easier to avoid costly mistakes. The visualizer allows both you and the roofing contractor to spot design mistakes and correct them before committing time and money. 

4. Better Understanding of the Design Process    

If you are new to building a roof, a visualizer can help you better understand the design process and what happens during construction. Your roofing contractor explains each step to help you understand what is happening at each stage. 

5. Freedom to Experiment With Materials and Colors    

The visualizer will allow you to see how different materials and colors will look when applied to the roof. This can help you pick the best options for your project. Some visualizers come with a costing feature to see how the changes impact your roofing budget. 

Are you looking to have a truly innovative roof with high curb appeal? Talk to a roofing contractor about putting your ideas to test on a roofing visualizer.