Are Your Gutters Clogged? Find Out 3 Ways This Happens

Every roof must have a gutter system where all the rainwater and melting snow is redirected to the downspout and eventually away from your home. Otherwise, your home's foundation would be at risk of water damage. Like the roof, your gutter system requires the attention of a rain gutter specialist. One of the major gutter issues you should watch out for is clogging, which occurs due to various factors, as seen below. 

Shedding of Nearby Trees

One way of beautifying your yard is by planting trees. However, trees can sometimes be a disadvantage if planted too close to the house. If tree branches hang over your house, their leaves and small branches will fall on the roof and end up in the gutters when it rains. Once they reach the downspouts, they become a hindrance to rainwater drainage.

Besides that, leaves cause water to stagnate in the gutters, creating the perfect atmosphere for mold growth. Birds and pests also tend to nest on the piles of leaves and twigs, and this results in saggy gutters. This issue is worse for those with flat or less slopy roofs. So if you have planted trees near your roof, ensure they are regularly trimmed. Additionally, you should hire a rain gutter specialist to clear the gutters when clogged.

Ice Dams that Form During the Winter 

Another common cause of clogged gutters is ice dams. Like in the previous case, you are likely to experience this problem more if your roof is flat or not properly angled. However, the major cause of ice dams is an attic that is poorly ventilated. When your roof is full of ice but the attic is warm, the ice ends up thawing and sliding down to the gutters.

Inside the gutters, the water freezes due to differences in the temperature and clogs the system. In addition, ice can potentially destroy the eaves, foundation, and walls. The weight of the ice dams can also cause the gutters to pull away from your roof. This creates space for some ice to find its way into the fascia board and ceiling. In this case, your rain gutter specialist will first fix the ventilation issue in the attic and then thaw the ice in the gutters.

Dysfunctional Downspouts Due to Blockages 

A faulty downspout can also be problematic to the gutters. When there is an obstacle at the entry or exit points, there will be nowhere for rainwater to drain off. As a result, it ends up pooling in the gutters. Again, you must hire a rain gutter specialist to rectify this situation.

To keep your rain gutters from clogging, you need regular maintenance services. Keeping your gutters in excellent shape prevents a host of problems, including rusting, mold damage, and untimely replacements.