3 Residential Roofing Systems Leak Repair Issues That Require A Professional Touch

A few things can be as annoying as a leaking roof. You probably don't want to keep on fetching a drip bucket every time there's a downpour. This will constantly keep you glued to your TV checking the weather forecast and worrying about damage to your furniture. What most people don't know is that roof leak issues point to an underlying problem on your covering. If you want to solve these issues and minimize the headaches they come with, contact a roofer immediately if you notice a leak. Here are three residential roofing systems leak repair issues that need a professional touch:

Malfunctioned Boots

These flashings waterproof the pipes and keep moisture from penetrating the house. They're made from a variety of materials including copper and plastic to fit locations with different weather conditions. Many boots start allowing water to seep through when they wear out.

Residential roofing repair solutions professionals know how to fix pipe boot issues and keep them from leaking. They may install a collar over boots to protect the flange and prevent leakage. 

Loose Nails

When a nail becomes loose and doesn't hold the wood snugly, your covering will leak. When the nail is hit through the roof, its head shouldn't pop up because this will encourage water to flow into your house. A roofer will tightly fix the nails on your roof into the wood to prevent your structure from leaking. They'll unseal the shingle, and remove the loose nails. After that, they'll hit the nails properly and put a sealant above them to seal the shingles. They'll also fix the decking's nails, ensuring they fit into the rafter.

Worn Out Chimney

Chimneys are crucial components because they let out the smell emitted by your furnace. However, they can also be vulnerable to damage, and allow water to get into your house, destroying the walls and the floors. Many things can make your chimney leak. These include weak mortar joints, saturated bricks, or a cracked masonry top. Corroded flashings and fasteners can also let in water, causing the side boards to rot. Roofers know how to fix all chimney issues and keep your home water tight. They may install a new flashing, apply a water repellant to seal mortar joints, or replace destroyed bricks. 

Many things can cause your home's covering to leak. If you notice any of these issues, contact residential roofing repair solutions as soon as possible. They'll inspect your covering and fix all the underlying issues before they cause more damage.