4 Affordable And Energy-Efficient Commercial Roofing Solutions You Can Consider

Like most business owners, you are probably spending too much money on heating and cooling. But would it not be great if you could find a way of lowering these bills? You can slash down your energy bills by a huge margin when you invest in energy-efficient roofing. Here is how a commercial roofing company can help you do that.

Installation of Brightly-Colored Roofing 

When shopping around for commercial roofing materials, you should pay close attention to the color. You want to choose the lightest shade you can find since it deflects heat better, thereby keeping your building cool. On the other hand, a dark roof absorbs heat resulting in an uncomfortable working environment. Your commercial roofer can help you find the ideal shade that matches your commercial building.

Application of Solar Deflecting Coating

If you already have a dark-colored roof and do not want to tamper with the shade, nor do you have money for a roof replacement, there is still a solution. A solar deflecting coating is an excellent alternative to lower your power bills. It works by deflecting sunlight away from your commercial property. Most of all, there is no need for extra roofing components or changing your roof to suit this coating. Your roof will be energy-efficient and keeps you safe from heavy rains, hailstorms, and other severe weather conditions. Finally, it works with most roofing styles.

Insulate Your Roof

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, your commercial roofing company can also insulate your roof to improve energy efficiency. The insulations they can consider include SPF (Polyurethane spray foam), cellulose, rigid boards, and polyurethane insulations. These insulation materials add an extra layer that helps keep your building cool. However, you also need to ensure that ventilation is in check by adding rafter vents. In return, even your HVAC system will work efficiently, so you won' have to deal with high energy bills.

Choose Sustainable Roofing Options

If you plan to re-roof your building, consider going for sustainable roofing materials like metal, clay, concrete, or tiles rather than those mined or made out of fossil fuel. These materials can easily block and reflect heat for a cozy working environment. Also, they are environmentally friendly, so if you are looking to lower your carbon footprint, this is your solution.

Now you know what to do if your energy bills have been unbearable and you have no money for a roof replacement. Should you have further questions on the same, talk to a commercial roofing company to plan and implement the ideal solution.

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