Things You Need To Consider When Installing A New Roof On Your House

The asphalt shingle roof on your home will eventually need to be replaced with new roofing material to ensure the roof stays watertight and protects the inside of your house. Hiring a residential roofing contractor to inspect the roof and determine if repairs are possible or if the roof needs to be replaced is the first step, and some things will indicate it is time to make that call.

Roofing Inspections

If you are concerned about the condition of the roof on your home, having a qualified residential roofing contractor inspect the roof for you is an excellent way to determine if there are problems that need to be addressed. Some of the most common problems with asphalt roofing used on many homes are that the sun and harsh weather can crack and damage the material, allowing it to separate from the roof so water can get through to the wood underneath. 

Once water penetrates the roofing material, water damage can occur to the wood structure, and mold and mildew can become a huge problem if not addressed. If the situation is let go long enough, rot can set in and start to affect the roof's structure, and making repairs will be more expensive than if they were made early on. 

When the contractor inspects your roof, they will often check the inside and the outside to make sure there is no water seeping in, and if there is, they will need to assess whether they can repair that area or if the entire roof is ready to be replaced.

Making Repairs

When replacing asphalt roofing material, the first step is to strip the old material off the roof to the wood underneath. This allows the plywood roof structure to be checked for soft spots and repaired where required.

The roofing contractor will install a new vapor barrier over the plywood, and then they can install the new shingles on the roof. The residential roofing contractor you are working with may ask if there is a specific shingle type of style you want to use on your home so that they can source the suitable material for the job. 

Some asphalt roofing products are rated to last longer than others, but most are similar enough that any good name-brand shingle will provide the protection you need for your home. If there is a color you want, you can often get it from the supplier, and in some cases, the roofing contractor may be able to find it for you locally before they start the job. 

Once all the shingles are installed and the roof is complete, the contractor and their crew will clean up debris from the tear-off and installation and remove it for you. 

For more info, contact a residential roof service in your area.