DIY Roof Repairs: Call A Residential Roof Repair Company Instead

If you recently added shingles or redid parts of your roof yourself, and it rained in your home soon after you completed the repairs, call a residential roof repair company today. Although your DIY roofing repairs saved you money initially, it may cost you a great deal more money to repair your roof later. Learn why you should call a residential roof repair company to fix your roof below.

Why Did Your DIY Roofing Repairs Fail?

If a roofing problem is small or seemingly easy to fix, some homeowners will take on the job themselves rather than call a professional for help. However, even small or seemingly insignificant roofing problems can be difficult to repair. The problems may actually be more complex in nature than they initially appear. 

There may be many reasons your DIY roofing repairs failed, including using the wrong replacement shingles for the repairs. Asphalt roofing shingles come in different compositions, functions, and thicknesses. Even if you need to repair a small hole on your roof, you must always use the same or similar type of shingles to do so. If you don't use the same or similar type of shingles, your DIY repairs may not hold up well in bad weather. 

Your roof may have other things to repair as well. Allow a residential roof repair company to fix your roof for you.

What Can a Roof Repair Company Do for You?

A roof repair company will visually inspect your roof to see why it still leaks. If you used the wrong replacement shingles, a roofing company can order and install the correct shingles on your roof. A company may take a sample of your roof's original shingles to help them order the right replacement shingles for you.

A company may also examine the surfaces beneath your shingles for problems. The materials beneath your roof's original shingles may be rotted through or old. If the materials become too damaged, the rain will slip past them over time. If you didn't repair the materials beneath your shingles during your DIY repairs, it may be one of the reasons your roof still leaks.

If the roof contains serious damage throughout the structure, a company will most likely recommend you replace it. The replacement shingles and other repairs may not be sound enough to keep the rain out of your house in the future. Your home may need a full or complete replacement roof instead.

Find the roof repairs your home needs by contacting a residential roof repair business like Living Hope Roofing.