Three Things To Look For If You Suspect Your Roof Is At Risk Of Collapse

A roof at risk of collapse won't always show obvious signs like buckling or caving in. If you suspect your roof might be experiencing some structural issues, you can look for more subtle signs of trouble. If you notice any of these problems, it's time to call a professional for immediate inspection and repair.

Internal and External Cracks

When your roof moves, the rest of your house will shift along with it. Even if movements are only slight at first, the first place you might start to notice signs is in places like your house's siding, your walls and ceiling, and even your home's foundation where cracks will appear. The cracks may be small at first, but generally, there's no good reason for cracks to exist in these areas. You may find them near angles where different parts of your home's structure connect, such as in corners.

If you see cracks only in certain areas, this could indicate where your roof is weakest. It can help to take pictures or write down notes of all the damage you see and where, as this information can help your roofing professional when it comes time to repair.

Bent or Moving Attached Structures

If you have any structures attached to your house, such as a patio cover or shade structure, take a look at those as well. Since a house can cause your house to lean even ever so slightly, attached structures that should be standing straight up may be starting to lean instead. Look for signs of strain near connecting points such as beams and look for any damage or loosening near brackets. These can all indicate that the structure is shifting because it's being pulled by your house.

Changes With Doors and Windows

One common sign of roof trouble is a change in how your doors and windows are working. You may notice that you have increasing difficulty opening and closing them, or that when they are closed, there are gaps that didn't exist before. You may also notice cracks around the frames and hinges or signs that they are no longer shaped correctly.

If you have a level, you can use it to determine whether the frames are shifting or out of place. If the damage is serious enough, you may notice it immediately upon close inspection.

Once your roof gets to the point where it's impacting your ability to open and close doors and windows, it's important to call a roof repair service for immediate repairs. Even if your roof isn't likely to completely collapse, the damage it can do to the structure of the rest of your entire house is significant, and will only get worse the longer it's left alone.