Do You Know What A Roof Valley Is?

Are you getting a new roof installed on your home, and your roofing contractor is talking about roof valleys? If you are not sure what roof valleys are, it will help to know the following information.

What Exactly Is A Roof Valley? 

A roof valley is any place where two slopes of your roof meet together, but they form an interior angle where water can collect and travel down. Since this part of the roof sees more wear than other parts due to drainage, more care needs to be taken to make sure that the valley doesn't become damaged prematurely.

What Kinds Of Roof Valleys Exist? 

Your roofing contractor may describe a roof valley as being either closed or open. A closed valley is when the shingle material from both slopes of the roof actually touches in the center, and an open valley is when the shingles do not touch, and there is a channel for the water to flow down. 

The main thing to know about these two kinds of valleys is that an open valley will cost more to construct than a closed valley. However, you may like the aesthetics of an open valley since it can increase your home's curb appeal by acting as an accent. As for the construction materials used, open values tend to use an ice and water shield underneath the shingles, and an open value uses metal instead. 

What Kind Of Material Is Used For An Open Valley?

The open roof valley can be made out of metal material that is not going to rust or corrode. However, some people like to use copper because it works as a beautiful accent due to how it ages over time. It is also possible to paint the metal flashing material any color to create an accent that you like.

Do Roof Valleys Require Maintenance? 

You should pay attention to how much debris collects in the valley of your roof. If you have a lot of leaves that are trapped in that interior angle of the roof, it is going to cause a problem with water draining from the roof's surface. This can cause water to collect and seep underneath the shingles, which will lead to the roof forming a leak. In addition, the debris can cause mold growth underneath it because it will trap all that moisture. 

Reach out to a roofing contractor company like Terra Nova Roofing Solutions LLC, if you have more questions about roof valleys.