The Benefits Of Using A White Roof Coating On Your Home’s Rooftop

If you are a homeowner, maintaining your home's rooftop is an important part of caring for your investment. There are several benefits to be obtained with the addition of a white roof coating over your existing roofing materials.

Here are reasons why you may want to consider adding this coating to your own home.

An Energy Efficient Option 

If you are sick of having to pay for high energy bills during the summertime months, it is likely the effect of air conditioner and fan usage. Adding a white roof coating to the top of your home can decrease your energy bills substantially. White reflects the sunlight, causing the interior of your home to remain cooler than it would if you had a darker rooftop. This saves on energy usage, helping the environment in addition to helping to keep money in your pocket.

Helps To Resist Damage

When you place a rooftop coating on your roof, you have an added barrier of protection against damage to the underlying materials. This includes damage from foot traffic when making repairs, as well as natural debris from trees and the air. If you use a white roof coating, you have the advantage of noticing debris quickly, as it will be prominently displayed upon the light surface of the coating. This allows for you to perform a quick cleanup, helping to avoid further damage caused by moisture accumulation around the debris, or fading because of the debris' presence.

Keeps Smog And Pollution At A Minimum

A white rooftop coating aids in preventing smog and pollution from becoming an excessive problem in your area. Since the coating is light, it reflects sunlight, keeping the air around your home at a lower temperature. When this occurs, pollutants from emissions from vehicles or buildings also become reduced in the area. This is a positive outcome if you live in an area with a high population, or if you live near an industrial area.

Allows Your Home To Stand Out From Others

Most people opt to have gray or black shingles, metal, or rubber roofs placed on their homes. If you want your home to provide the area with curbside appeal, make the decision to add a white coating to your structure. Your home will stand out from nearby structures, as it will have a unique coloring compared to those who go with the norm. A white rooftop is attractive in addition to being cost-effective.

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