How To Know When Your Tile Roof Needs Replacement

As a homeowner, you should be able to distinguish between the roof issues that warrant repair or replacement. In some cases, repairs may be unnecessary because they can create larger and more costly problems down the line. But how will you be able to know if your tiled roof needs to be replaced? Here are the indicators you should look out for to know if a roof replacement is due.

Moss or Mold between Tiles

Tiled roofing is more prone to moisture penetration than any other roofing material. Mold-infested tiles usually indicate moisture damage that can result in rot. The temporary solution to this issue is to remove and chemically treat the mold. However, widespread growth increases the rate of erosion, allowing water entry into the structure. The best solution, in this case, is to have your tiled roof replaced.

Aging Roof

The tile roof can last for several decades without a need for replacement. However, several aspects, such as foot traffic and extreme weather elements, can shorten its life span. And as the roof ages, the tiles and flashings can break down and must be replaced. Replacement of an aged roof will prevent serious and costly repairs down the line.

Broken or Missing Tiles

There are many causes of broken tiles, including foot traffic, tree branches near the roof, and hail damage. Even a single broken tile on the rooftop can compromise its structure and allow water to leak through it. This damage can quickly extend to other areas such as the underlayment, deck, and wood battens. If you observe any missing or damaged tiles, you should book an appointment with your roofing contractor so they can replace them as soon as possible.

A Sagging Roof

Sagging is an indicator of a severe structural issue on the roofing structure and should be treated as an emergency. The roof can sag when water penetrates through broken tiles and accumulates in the rafters. As a result, the wood in the rafters becomes damp and begins to rot, causing the rooftop to lose its structural integrity. If the sagging is extensive, replacement is the only viable solution.

If you notice these red flags on the roof, it is time to budget for a replacement. Although this is a costly undertaking, you will save a lot of money on recurrent repairs. So consult a reputable roof installation contractor and discuss how best to execute the roof replacement.

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