Consider Changing The Color Or Style Of Your Metal Roof When You Have A Roof Replacement

If your old metal roof is leaking because of gaps in seams or rusty places, you may decide it's time for a roof replacement rather than attempting repairs. A new metal roof should eliminate worries over roof leaks for several years. Here's more information about this type of roof replacement

Choose A Different Type Of Metal

When you get a metal roof replacement, it's a good time to make changes to the type of roof you want. Metal roof panels are available in aluminum, steel, or copper. You might want to compare the cost, appearance, durability, and maintenance requirements for each type of metal. You could get a different look for your house if you switch to copper, although copper would be an expensive upgrade.

Consider A Different Style

If you had a lot of trouble with your old metal roof leaking, you might want to switch to a double-lock standing seam roof. This type of roofing has seams that lock together and then are bent over twice so keep the seams sealed tightly. This type of metal roof has a lower risk of leaking.

Pick A Different Color

Ask your roofer about all of the color options for your metal roof replacement. You might want a white or light color to reflect UV rays, but you can also choose a darker color such as red or green. A colorful roof could give your home a unique appearance.

Of course, if you loved the way your old roof looked with your exterior paint colors, then you may just want the roofing contractor to find new roofing that's the same as your old roof.

Choose Matching Roofing Supplies

You might also want to ask your roofer about the type of flashing and fasteners they'll use for your roof replacement. It's often possible to get flashing, screws, and fasteners that are the same color as the metal panels so they blend in well.

This could be an important consideration if you choose exposed fastener panels since the screws may not match if they're a different color than the roof. Also, a different color of flashing would stand out on your metal roof.

Decide If You'll Cover Your Old Roof

A typical metal roof replacement involves tearing off the old metal panels and underlayment to expose the deck so the deck can be inspected. Sometimes, roofing contractors might consider covering the old roof with new metal roofing panels. You'll need to discuss this option with your roofer to see if it's a good idea for your home.