Should You Leave Your Home During Roof Work?

Some people prefer to vacate their homes during roof replacement or major roof repairs. Others prefer to stay. Both options have their pros and cons. For example, you move out of harm's way if you seek alternative living arrangements during roofing. At the same time, you save money by staying.

Answer the following questions before deciding where to stay during roofing.

Do You Understand the Risks?

Understand why you should even consider leaving home before you decide whether to leave or stay. Some people leave their homes during roofing work due to the potential risks or discomfort of staying. For example:

  • Roofing work can be noisy (think power tools and hammers), and the noise can disrupt your daily life
  • Tools, equipment, and materials present trip and fall risks
  • You face the risk of falling debris from the risk
  • Your kids and pets might not appreciate the enhanced risks during roofing

Once you understand the risks, determine whether you can avoid or bear them. Consider leaving the house if the risks seem too much or you cannot bear the expected discomfort.

Do You Have Anywhere Else to Stay?

You should also consider the availability of alternative living arrangements for the duration of the roofing work. Say you have relatives or friends nearby who can accommodate you, or maybe you can afford paid accommodation. In such instances, you can easily vacate your home and let the roofers do their work. Find a way to stay at home safely if the alternatives are nonexistent.

What Is the Scope and Duration of the Work?

The nature and duration of the roofing work determine the nature of the risks and discomfort to expect. They also determine how long you have to put up with the discomfort. For example, a complete roof replacement might be more uncomfortable and take longer than a few shingles replacements.

Some people can easily put up with half a day of disruptions but not several days. On the other hand, paying for alternative living arrangements for a week or so is costlier than paying for the same for a couple of days. Evaluate the scope of the work and determine what works for you best.

As you can see, the decision is not easy and depends on several factors. Whichever option you choose, work with a roofing contractor — such as at — to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Remember that experienced roofing contractors have worked with different homeowners under different circumstances.