Taking A Vacation? It’s A Great Time To Replace Your Roof

Are you planning a vacation? This may be the best time to take care of an important — but often unappealing — part of home maintenance: roof replacement. Why is your vacation a prime opportunity? And how can you prepare your house before it starts? Here are a few key tips for any homeowner. 

Why Choose Vacation Time?

While scheduling a roof replacement may not be on your traditional vacation planning list, it's a great choice for many reasons. One of the most complicated parts of having a roof replaced is figuring out if you want to stay in the home during construction. Scheduling a time when the house is already empty saves this big decision. 

An empty property is also safer during construction. There are no kids or pets to get into construction debris. The work crew won't have unexpected collisions with your family. And there's less risk with heavy equipment. 

Finally, the roofers won't have to work around your daily living activities. There's no need to accommodate vehicles that come and go, work and school schedules, or your mandatory video-conferencing meetings. The crew can work safely, efficiently, and with focus. 

How Can You Prepare?

If you won't be home during construction, start by talking with the roofing company about how they would like you to prepare the property in advance. Prep work will be more important when you're less available. 

In general, you should move all vehicles away from the home's immediate area — especially those that may block access for heavy equipment and dumpsters. Arrange to park these elsewhere or have their location approved by the roofers.

Remove items hanging from walls on the upper floors of the house. While roof construction generally doesn't create problems inside the house, shaking and banging can dislodge some fragile items. 

Talk to your neighbors about the work and its schedule. Because you won't be there in person, preparing the neighbors and roofing crew is essential. Make sure your roofers have multiple ways to get in touch with you if they need to. It's also a good idea to have a house-sitter, neighbor, or another local person who can act as a go-between or take some action the roofing crew needs done in your absence. 

Where Can You Learn More?

If you need a roof replacement, coordinating it with your next vacation could be the best solution for everyone. Start by learning more about how a roof replacement works and when it should be done. Meet with a quality roofing services company in your area to begin.  

For more information, contact a local company like Catawba Valley Roofing & Restoration LLC.