Three Roof Repair Mistakes To Avoid

The typical shingle roof, which is found on many homes throughout the country, holds up well for many years, but problems can develop due to aging or damaging storms. When you discover that your roof has problems, it's time to act. You never want to wait to deal with roofing issues because this can harm the structural integrity of your home. 

Once you take steps to fix any roofing problems, make certain that you avoid these three key roof repair mistakes.

 Neglecting Safety Issues

The most important issue in any roof repair is safety. If you decide to tackle the job yourself and neglect this issue, then you are risking a potentially serious injury. Always use an extension ladder, not a step ladder. The ladder must extend at least three feet beyond the roof's edge. Never put your feet on any rung that is higher than the edge.

Another good safety idea is to use a safety harness any time you go up onto your roof. This is essential for higher-pitched roofs. Brackets and wood planks should secure the harness. Also, avoid making any repairs when the roof is wet, and do not let any dirt or debris collect on the soles of your shoes. Either of these issues could cause you to slip or fall.

Making a Repair Instead of a Replacement

If you decide to make a major repair, it's possible that the better choice might be simply to replace the entire roof. Naturally, with a small repair job, the repair is going to save you a considerable amount of money compared with a replacement. With a larger repair job, however, it might be more cost-effective, in some cases, to have a roofer put on a new roof.

Not Getting Permit

For some types of repairs, especially if they are minor repairs, you might not need a permit from your local building office. You should always check with the local officials, however, in advance of any repair. Local building codes vary around the country and you can't know for sure if a permit is required unless you ask. If fail to get a permit and it turns out that you needed one, you could be fined or any work you did might have to be undone.

Make sure you plan well for any roof repair and avoid making these three key mistakes. To avoid any chance of making a mistake, consult with a professional roofer in your city. Contact a roofing contractor near you to learn more.