4 Common Shingle Roofing Repairs Your Asphalt Shingle Roof Might Need

Shingle roofing is tough, but it can be damaged occasionally, especially when it gets old. Fortunately, most shingle roofing repairs are fairly easy to do when compared to other types of residential roofing. Here are some ways shingles are damaged and the repairs they could need.

1. The Shingles And Deck Get Holes

If something impacts the roof hard enough, it may punch a hole in it. Another likely reason for holes in your roof is animal damage. Rats might gnaw through to get inside your attic. Birds might peck on your roof looking for bugs and make tiny holes. Whether a hole is large or small, it can let rain seep through, so you'll want a roofer to make repairs.

If the hole is in the deck, the roofer may need to replace that part of the deck and then put down new shingles. If the deck isn't damaged, the roofer may just replace the shingles.

2. Shingles Get Dents From Hail

Hail makes dents in asphalt shingles. The type of shingle roofing repairs needed for hail damage depends on how many dents cover the roof. When only a few shingles have dents, the roofer can pull off the old shingles and replace them with new ones. This is a pretty easy job since asphalt shingles layer over each other and are easy to pull out to remove and nail in to install.

3. Shingles Crack From Age Or Storms

Shingles can crack for a number of reasons. Sun exposure can dry out the asphalt and make the shingles more brittle when they're old, or an impact from blowing debris might crack a few shingles. Cracks can sometimes let rain through, so the roofer will probably repair the shingles.

Cracks can be repaired by covering the back and front of the cracks with roofing sealant. The roofer may add color-matched granules to the sealant so the repairs are covered and blend in.

4. Nails Pop Out Of The Shingles

Nails can pop out of the roof, and when they do, they'll lift up shingles or flashing that's above them. This problem might happen due to a rotted area on the deck that can no longer hold the nail tightly, or due to an old nail that's rusty or run down and can no longer stay in place.

This type of roofing repair is done by pulling out the bad nails and driving in new ones. The holes left by the old nails are sealed to keep out rain. If the shingles were damaged by the nails, then the shingles may need to be replaced unless they can be repaired with sealant. Click here for more information on shingle roofing repair, or contact a professional near you.