How To Choose And Work With A Roofing Company After Your Roof Is Damaged By A Big Storm

If your home has substantial roof damage after a bad storm, you may not know what to do when the storm passes. You'll need to work with your insurance company and a roofing company to get an estimate and get the repair or replacement process started. Here are some tips for finding and working with a roofing company after a storm.

Look For A Local Company

When you're looking for a roofer, choose a local company you've heard of and that is well-known in your community. If you've lived in an area in the past that's been hit hard by a hurricane, you've probably seen how out-of-state contractors of all kinds flood the area looking to help out.

Be Leery Of Paying For A Roof Upfront

Most roofers don't expect you to pay for your roof in full upfront. You may need to pay a certain amount before work starts, more about halfway through, and the rest when the job is completed. Be suspicious of someone who claims to be a roofer and wants the full amount upfront.

If you're not sure how the process works for getting a new roof, call around and ask a few local companies rather than talk to someone who shows up at your house on their own. You don't want to do anything that could keep your insurance company from approving your claim.

Check For Help From FEMA

If your area was hit hard by a tornado, hurricane, or bad storm, it could be quite a while before a roofing company can check your roof or replace it. They may prioritize work and do homes with roofs destroyed first. If FEMA comes to your area to help, they may supply roof tarps.

The tarps are meant to be temporary, but once they're put on, your home will be protected from leaks until a roofing company can get a new roof put on your home.

Work With Your Insurance Agent

Your roof should be covered by your home insurance, so you'll want to document the damage and keep in close touch with your agent while you're waiting to get your new roof put on. You'll want approval from your insurance so you know for sure they'll pay for the repairs or roof replacement.

Your roofing company can work with your agent, too, since your insurance may pay the roofer directly so you don't have to be involved with the payment process.