4 Techniques Commercial Roofing Contractors Can Apply To Remove Snow From Your Roof

Wintertime can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, but with stunning snowflakes comes great responsibility: removing snow from your commercial roof. Allowing snow to accumulate on your rooftop can lead to water damage and wet insulation, which will cost thousands in repairs.

Not to mention structural issues that can occur if excess weight is added by packed ice on the roof. To preserve the longevity and health of your roof, you should hire commercial roofing contractors to address this responsibility for you. Here are four techniques commercial roofing contractors use to remove snow buildup before it becomes a problem.

Snow Rake Removal 

A snow rake is a special tool that commercial roofing contractors use to remove snow from rooftops. This method is the simplest and safest way to remove snow from your roof, as it requires no physical contact with the roof, ladders, or other equipment.

The snow rake looks like a long pole with a blade at the end that removes excess snow, allowing it to slide down into piles below. This method is ideal for small amounts of accumulated snow. You should leave this job to a designated commercial roofer who is trained to use a snow rake properly and safely.

Snow Blower Removal 

Another popular tool that commercial roofing contractors use to remove large amounts of accumulated snow from roofs is a snow blower. It is a powerful machine driven by either an electric motor or a gasoline engine. The equipment blows away large piles of accumulated snow without manual intervention. This method is ideal if your roof is heavily laden with snow.

Heat-Lamp Removal 

Heat lamps are another effective option for removing heavy accumulations of ice and snow on rooftops. Commercial roofing contractors set up heat lamps on the affected areas and allow them to run for several hours or until all traces of ice and accumulation have been removed from the surface area. Heat lamps are ideal when combined with other methods, such as shoveling or raking, as they help melt hard-packed layers faster and make shoveling easier in these areas.  

Steam Cleaner Removal 

Commercial roofing contractors often employ steam cleaners as an effective way to remove stubborn accumulations of ice, pack-down snow, and remove other debris from rooftops quickly and easily without damaging the surface material beneath them.

The steam cleaner blasts hot steam onto specific areas, which melts away even thick layers of ice, allowing it to be vacuumed away quickly without putting anyone at risk for injury.

If your commercial roof is heavily laden with snow, contact a local commercial roofing contractor to appropriately assess the situation and provide you with the best solution for keeping your building safe and sound all winter long. Take the initiative and enjoy a safe winter season by keeping your roof snow-free.