2 Reasons Why Installing Your Home’s Roof Yourself Is Never A Good Idea

After a rough winter, you may have found that your home's shingled roof has suffered a lot of damage and should be replaced. If you know where you can get materials, you may be thinking about saving on labor costs and doing ahead and installing the new shingles yourself. 

However, installing a new roof takes more than simply removing the old shingles and putting the new ones on. Below are a couple of reasons why foregoing professional installation and putting your new roof on yourself is never a good idea. 

1. Increased Probability You Will Miss Existing Issues or Create New Ones During the Roof's Installation

One reason why you should reconsider the idea of installing the roof on your house yourself is that there is an increased probability that you will miss existing problems that need to be addressed before the new shingles are put on. If you do not have the experience to know that the decking is warped or rotten, for example, you would not know whether to replace it during the roof's installation.

Also, without the right skill set and tools, you may end up creating new issues, such as using the wrong nails that could poke deep holes and make your roof leak like a sieve. A professional knows what to check before the installation occurs as well as has the proper skills and experience to ensure it is completed without causing extra damage.

2. Increase Chance That the Roof Will Not Be Watertight, Causing It to Leak Sooner Rather Than Later

Another reason why you should go ahead and leave the installation of your home's roof to professionals is that doing it yourself increases the chances that the roof will not be installed correctly, and therefore, not be watertight. If the shingles are not lined up and anchored correctly, water will still run underneath them, causing damage to the decking and eventual leaking of the roof.

However, if you have a roofer with the necessary knowledge and experience complete the work instead, they know how to perform the work correctly.

If you are considering installing your home's roof yourself, you increase the chances that you will miss existing issues and could even create new ones. You also risk having a leaking roof at the end of the job because you do not have the skills and experience necessary to ensure it is watertight. Instead of turning the job into a DIY project, contact a residential roof installation service to see about your options.