Replacing An Asphalt Shingle Roof: Why Choose Metal Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are an incredibly popular roofing material for American homes, and for good reason — they are durable, economical, and compatible with most roof designs and pitches. Unfortunately, no roofing material lasts forever, and after decades of exposure to the elements, even the toughest asphalt roof shingles will need to be replaced.

If you have an aging asphalt shingle roof that needs replacing, consider replacing the asphalt shingles with metal shingles. While metal shingles can be more expensive to purchase and install than asphalt shingles, they can be well worth the added investment. Here are four reasons to replace your dilapidated asphalt shingles with metal shingles:

Improved Durability

While asphalt roof shingles can withstand years of exposure and abuse, metal shingles are in a class of their own when it comes to pure durability. When properly installed and maintained, a metal shingle roof can last for several decades before extensive repairs or replacement becomes necessary.

Metal shingles can also withstand heavy impacts that would damage asphalt shingles, protecting your home against large hailstones, falling tree branches, and other objects. Combine this physical durability with their excellent resistance to high winds, and you have the perfect roofing for homes in areas vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

If you are worried about rust and corrosion, modern metal roof shingles are well protected. Steel shingles are coated with long-lasting paints, powder coatings, or galvanized coatings, which will prevent the metal beneath from rusting for many years. For added peace of mind, consider spending a little extra on zinc or stainless steel shingles. These shingles are virtually immune to corrosion and do not require protective coatings.

Less Heat Retention

Asphalt shingles have a tendency to absorb heat from sunlight, especially if they are darkly colored. This absorbed heat is easily transferred to your home, raising indoor temperatures and forcing you to rely on energy-hungry air conditioning systems. 

Metal shingles absorb a lot less heat than their asphalt counterparts, and most modern metal shingle products are fitted with integrated insulation to minimize heat retention and conductivity. Replacing your asphalt shingles with metal shingles can significantly reduce your home's air conditioning usage and energy bills, helping to defray their higher initial cost.

Easy Maintenance

Because metal shingles are physically tougher than asphalt shingles, you are likely to spend less time and money replacing damaged shingles over the course of the roof's lifetime.

Metal shingles are also easier to keep clean because their surfaces are smooth and do not retain dirt or moss, unlike the rough surfaces of most asphalt shingles. Cleaning your metal shingles with a hose or pressure washer once or twice a year is usually all the maintenance they require.

Improved Fire Safety

When it comes to fire safety, asphalt shingles aren't slouches. Most asphalt shingles will only ignite and catch fire when exposed to extreme heat and open flames for long periods. However, nothing beats the fire safety offered by metal shingles. The vast majority of metal shingle roofing products are given a class A fire rating and are virtually immune to igniting during a house fire. 

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