Hurricane Straps: What Are Those?

If you live in a place where hurricanes are a concern, then your roofer is likely to mention hurricane straps when discussing your roof replacement. For instance, they may suggest adding hurricane straps, or they might tell you that you need new ones. If you're left scratching your head and wondering what hurricane straps are, then you're not alone. Keep reading to learn all you really need to know about this important roofing component.

Hurricane Straps: Defined

Hurricane straps are basically a way to attach the roof of your house to its main frame. Outside of hurricane zones, this is just done with some screws. But in a hurricane area, screws alone are not enough to hold the roof in place if a strong wind is blowing. Hurricane straps basically wrap around the posts and connect to the roof tresses. Years ago, they were sometimes made from leather and other materials, but these days, they are very thick, durable, metal straps.

Why Hurricane Straps Are Important

It's actually not hard for a strong wind to sneak under a roof and lift it up. Hurricane straps hold the roof down so this does not happen. In doing so, they not only prevent your home from being de-roofed, but they also prevent the pressure inside your home from changing rapidly due to a roof lift. A rapid change in pressure can cause windows to shatter in a hurricane, and once the windows break, your home is left prone to water damage. So in short, hurricane straps protect your roof, your windows, and really your whole house.

Having Hurricane Straps Added

If your current roof does not have hurricane straps, a roofer can usually add them without having to replace the entire roof. When they do, you should notify your homeowners insurance company because this change usually means you'll qualify for discounted premiums.

If you are getting a new roof, your roofer will likely recommend adding roofing straps. In fact, they will likely be required to do so by updated building codes. They may also have to replace any existing hurricane straps that show signs of wear such as stretch marks or rust.

Hurricane straps are small home components that offer a lot of protection. If you live in an area that gets hurricanes or even tropical storms, you need a roof with hurricane straps. Talk to a local roofer like Commercial Solutions, Inc. to learn more.