Leaks May Necessitate These Roof Repairs

If your roof is leaking, then it's fairly obvious that your roof needs to be repaired. Most people assume that the repairs will involve replacing damaged shingles. Sometimes, this is the case. However, missing or damaged shingles are not the only cause of roof leaks. Don't be surprised if, after a leak, your roofer recommends making one or more of the following repairs instead. Replacing or Repairing Your Flashing Flashing is metal that goes around the sides of chimneys and plumbing vents. Read More 

6 Stages Of A Full Roof Replacement

It takes more than a day to install a new roof. There are several stages to the process, and they must be followed to ensure that your new roof is secure and long-lasting.  1. Primary Inspection Before the work can begin, your contractor needs to inspect the roof to determine the expected depth of the project. This usually requires climbing onto the roof to check for damage, possible leaks, and soft spots or punctures that go through the decking. Read More 

How Do You Know If A Metal Roof Needs Replacement?

Most people are familiar with the key signs that a shingle roof needs to be replaced. The shingles may fall off, start peeling or lifting, or leak when it rains. Metal roofs, by comparison, are longer-lived and more durable. However, they still have limited lifespans and will eventually need to be replaced. Does your metal roof need replacement? Here are some key signs that it does. Rust Most metal roofs these days are made from galvanized steel. Read More 

2 Subtle Signs Its Time To Have Your Home’s Shingled Roof Professionally Replaced

While looking at your home's shingled roof, you may feel confident that it is still in good condition. Since there are no obvious signs of problems, such as missing shingles and flashing or bowing of the roof line, you may believe that you do not need to have it replaced. However, while examining your roof, you also need to look for minor signs that could indicate major issues with the roof's basic structures. Read More 

Refreshing Your Home’s Look: Siding Replacement Considerations

Maintaining a home involves continuous effort and making timely improvements. One such significant change that can entirely transform a property's aesthetics is siding replacement. A quick fix will no longer suffice when the current siding shows wear and tear. However, before embarking on a siding replacement project, it's critical to understand the various aspects involved in making the right choices. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insight into the top considerations when replacing residential siding. Read More