Three Roofing Installation Tips To Increase Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a major topic in households today, mainly because over 50% of the energy consumed by households is used for space heating and air conditioning. The roof is one structure that contributes to heat loss and heat gain in a building. Therefore, to lower your annual energy bills, you need an energy-efficient roof. Here are three roofing installation tips for maximum energy efficiency. Consider the Thermal Mass of Roofing Materials Read More 

Repair Storm Damage To Your House Quickly

A nice thunderstorm can be really pleasant to listen to, and watching the lightning can be fascinating. But, as the storm gets stronger, it can get to be a lot less pleasant. Add in things like hail and strong winds and you can end up with storm damage to your house. That's not anything you really want to have, but once you have it, you need to deal with it so that your house doesn't get any more damage. Read More 

6 of The Biggest Advantages You’ll Get With A 10-Year Guarantee Residential Roofer

You're making an important decision when you decide who to hire to put a roof on your home. One of the best things you can do when you need a roof for your property is to choose a 10-year guarantee residential roofer.  The following are six of the biggest advantages you'll get with a 10-year guarantee residential roofer.  High-quality roof replacement work If a roofer guarantees a new roof installation for 10 years, then you can count on quality. Read More 

Residential Roofing: 5 Causes Of Leakages That Need Roof Repair

Are roof leaks causing your family sleepless nights? Indeed, leaks can make your life very uncomfortable, cause ill health, and damage your home items. However, roof leaks don't happen simultaneously unless the roof is damaged in a natural disaster like a strong storm. In many cases, leakages happen from old roof components that come apart and leave space for water to infiltrate the roof. Therefore, you need to identify and fix leaks as soon as you notice leaks. Read More 

Why You Should Engage A Professional During Residential Roof Replacement Projects

Replacing an old or worn-out residential roof is a complex and risky project. It involves stripping off the old roofing system, preparing the underlayment, purchasing new roofing materials, and ensuring they are correctly and safely installed. If you are not a professional roofer, the project can be overwhelming, and you may put yourself at risk of injuries. It's best to leave the project to a professional with the necessary tools and years of experience in roof replacement projects. Read More