Four Fixes You May Need For A Roof With Recurring Leaks

When a leak in your roof just won't go away, there are several different things that could be causing it, ranging from your roof's insulation and ventilation to even your gutters. Addressing these issues and having your roof thoroughly inspected in case it needs to be completely replaced, will help prevent future water damage and stubborn leaks. Replace Insulation In instances where your roof's insulation is failing, it can allow enough heat from your home to transfer to the roof above. Read More 

Benefits Of Upgrading To Slate Roofing

Storm damage is one of the leading causes for roof replacement. This damage can be from wind, hail, rain, snow, or a combination of all of these weather issues. When you face a roof replacement due to storm damage, you may be wondering if the material you currently have can be upgraded to help reduce the chances of damage in the future. The answer is that there are many materials that are durable and can help reduce the chances of storm damage. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Residential Roof Inspected By A Drone

More and more roofing companies are completing roof inspections with the help of a drone. Instead of sending a roofer on top of the roof to complete an inspection, a drone flies around the roof, capturing images of your roof. These images are later uploaded to a computer, where they can be reviewed to look for signs of damage. If you are in need of a roof inspection, you may wonder if using a drone is right for you. Read More 

Reasons To Choose Metal Panel Residential Roofing When Your Home Has A Steep Roof

If the roof on your home has a steep slope, you may prefer roofing material that will need fewer repairs. It may not be possible to climb up a steep roof yourself to replace a missing shingle. Repairs might cost more if you need to hire a roofer every time there's a problem on your roof. Instead of putting asphalt shingles on, consider getting metal roofing panels. Here's why this type of residential roofing is ideal for roofs that have steep slopes. Read More 

Reasons You Should Hire A Roofing Professional For Metal Roof Installation

There are companies out there that sell metal roofing products that are designed to be installed by do-it-yourselfers. These kits feature metal panels that are pre-cut to the size and shape of your roof, helping to make installation as easy as possible. However, while these kits are available, it does not mean that they are necessarily a great idea. There are many reasons why you should leave metal roof installation to professional roofers. Read More